Once upon a time a very powerful king was wandering in the desert but had started to lose his way. He was feeling very hungry, thirsty and tired when suddenly he found a strong light shining ahead of him and great smoke arising into the air.

The light was so overwhelming and the smoke was so strong. As he was staring at this light and the smoke he found a tribe sojourning in the place, as soon as the tribe saw him, the leader of the tribe started to approach him. The leader straightaway realized that the king was very tired and restless, so he went up to him and immediately started to lead him to the place where the tribe lived. The tribe offered the king food, water and shelter, then the leader of the tribe spoke to the king about the rules of his tribe.

One of the most important rules of the tribe was that anyone sojourning within their living place, must attend their daily feasts which are held in the desert. The king agreed to their rules and did attend the night feast with the tribe members. As he was sitting, the tribe leader came along handling something covered in cloth, which he placed in front of the king and started to uncover. The king was surprised to see that it was a glass vase filled with water and coming out of it was a metal pipe with a leather hose wrapped around it.

So the king asked the leader of the tribe: “What is this?”

The tribe leader answered him: “This one of our tribe’s secrets it is called “SHISHA” it brings us happiness”.

The king was determined to try what was introduced to him. As soon as he tried it, he was very excited. The next day the tribe took the king back to his palace. The moment the king had arrived at his kingdom he gathered his entire nation and told them about the ‘Shisha’ that he tried and really enjoyed and he ordered them to make it for him.

End ever since then the king gave up his kingdom name to become the kingdom of shisha and he became the KING OF SHISHA And that is how it all began…