Our Alcoholic Cocktail Range

Pina colada

Earthy and exotic are two ways to describe this flavor.


Indulge yourself in a fantastic fusion of soft cream and orange liqueur.

Singapore sling

Savour the sweet, and rebel in the richness of this exotic blend!

Sex on the beach

Imagine the refreshing taste of a popular time less soft drink paired with an orange on top.


Taste like the famous Manhattan bar drink exploding with citrus mixed with cranberry.

Long Iceland ice tea

It’s mixed of five alcohol flavor with aftertaste of cola.


The refreshing cocktail with fresh muddled mint, sugar and line.

Black Russian

Strong taste of coffee liqueur will surprised you.

Liquid cocaine

Sweet and sour at the same time flavor with undertone of spicy cream taste.

Tequila sunrise

The rich taste of tequila comes through in this ultra-smooth taste.

White Russian

Coffee liqueur with gentle taste of cream.

Jack on the rocks

Strong taste of whiskey for true connoisseurs of noble drink.

Bloody Mary

Can you imagine hookah with bloody Mary taste? You must try it!

Jack n cola

Unwind from a hard day with a puff of a fine smooth whisky  and cola.

Screw driver

Taste the single sugarcane and the barrel aged quality that gives it that golden hue.