Our Mix Range

Ice double apple

It’s like Apple’s put in ice. Strong taste of Apple’s which ice undertone.

Apple pie

Freshly sliced apple baked in aromatic pie.

Golden grape

The best grape mixes to create a rich, relaxing hookah smoke.

Melon punch

Is feels with a smooth melon flavor that is the boldest melon you have ever smoked.

Strawberry & cream

Is a strong soothing delight strong strawberry taste with a slight cream undertone.

Berry punch

Fantastic fusion of sweet berries with a kiss delicate spice.

Ice lemon

Iced lemon will cheer you up! It has a pleasant cooling taste.

Ice orange

Freshly orange taste. Very pronounced and cooling.

Orange & cream

Tastes like an orange with sweet whipped cream.

Nutty-Choco (snickers)

The combination of caramelized sugar , butter and almonds with chocolate.

Vitamin c

Is perfectly balanced smooth flavor that consistently sprinkles citrus.

Chokotella (nutella)

Chocoholics of the world, rejoice! The finest cocoa mixed with cream and hazelnut.

Cherry cola

improved realistic cola tasting shisha with undertones of the cherry.

Vanilla cola

Taste like you drink cold cola with velvety undertone of vanilla.

Coco choco (bounty)

Is a delicious mix of both coconut and chocolate.

Banana milk shake

Velvety, soft sweet taste of the banana shake.


Fresh brewed espresso combined with milk foam and syrup drizzle to create cappuccino.

Ice watermelon

Refreshing taste of watermelon with sweet peach.

Peach & cream

Milky creamy from tasting with sweet peach.

Ice Vitamin C

Taste of a refreshing citrus juices with platy of ice.

Apple punch

The best of both worlds actually three it’s a mix between green and red and double apple flavours with a twist of spices.